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We provide polygraph examinations or more commonly known as a Lie Detector Test. Based in Calgary, Alberta we provide Polygraph Services all across Canada. Our Polygraph Examiner is a certified Forensic Phychophysiologist from the European Polygraph Association. We use the latest equipment from the leading brand, Stoelting and the CPS Pro Fusion Software.

We desire to combat uncertainty and predatory lies that cause disruption and discomfort in our clients professional and personal lives as well as to exonerate the innocent and restore trust in situations where it may have been lost due to miscommunication or misunderstanding.  Whether the issue is infidelity, addiction, premarital, theft, investigation, employment screening our otherwise, our clients can move on with the knowledge of the truth.


The Process

The lie detector test, or more accurately known as a polygraph examination, is a highly effective and accurate method for determining the truth or the lie in an individual’s statements. Polygraph can be used for a multitude of issues in question ranging from personal matters, to legal proceedings or business matters. Polygraph has existed for a century and has stood the test of time in its utility and veracity. We offer polygraph examinations in a professional and friendly manner. We aspire to help people in pursuit of truth, relief, closure, and peace of mind in their lives.

The Lie Detector Test is Conducted in Four Parts:

Step 1


By phone and by email the examiner will ask for an overview about the general situation in question. You will also be informed of what is required of you in order to be suitable for a polygraph examination. Any other questions you might have can be answered at this time. A deposit is then required before booking a date for the examination. This is to ensure your sincerity of intent to follow through with the examination as declarations to take an examination without following through are exceedingly common. You will also be sent a consent and liability agreement to review before the examination.

Step 2

Pre-test interview

This is when we will sign the agreement and determine if you are suitable for a polygraph examination on that day. If you followed the instruction in the correspondence phase then it is more than likely that you will be. The examination process is then explained and any final questions you have can be answered. We then discuss the issue in question in detail. A questionnaire formulated and agreed upon. There will be no surprise questions. .

Step 3


You will then be attached to the polygraph instruments which will record your physiological responses. Only the questions we agreed upon will be asked. You will be asked the questions on the agreed upon questionnaire 2-5 times with a 5 minute break in between tests. 

Step 4

Analysis and Results

The Examiner will analyze the physiological responses and come to a conclusion. The results will then be emailed to you within 48 hours after the end of the examination.

Polygraph Services

Commercial Testing

Private Testing

Infidelity Testing

Private Testing

If you have concerns or questions you want definitively answered, a polygraph examination can provide a clear path to the truth.

Reasons for a Polygraph Examination in Personal Matters:

  • Infidelity and Cheating Concerns
  • Pre-marital and Ulterior Motives
  • Alcohol, Drug or Sexual Addiction Verification
  • Theft Allegations
  • Family Issues
  • Child Care/Nanny or Maid Verification
  • Executor and Will Verification
  • Hidden Asset Allegations
  • Threat Identification
  • Statement Verification
  • Other Harmful Allegations

Commercial Testing

Your business needs protection, if you are looking for background/pre-employment screening, or to resolve issues such as theft, vandalism or HR issues. Polygraph examinations resolve these issues and deter further occurrence.

Reasons for a Polygraph Examination in Business Matters:

  • Investigations
  • Pre-employment or Periodic Screening of Employees
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Resume Validity
  • Theft
  • Family Counselor Support
  • Sporting Events

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Our Mission

“Providing Truth, Relief, and Peace of Mind.”

Stay Informed


How long does a lie detector test take?

1.5-3 hours from the time you meet the Polygraph Examiner depending upon the issue being tested. Results are provided within 48 hours of the end of the examination. Additional tests will increase the amount of time by .5 to 1 hour per additional test.

How am I attached to the lie detector machine

Two Pneumographs (breathing belts) are attached, one to your abdomen and one to your chest. Three fingertip cuffs are attached, and a blood pressure cuff on your arm.

Can nervousness affect the examination?

The examiner expects you to be nervous. Both the innocent and guilty examinees are nervous for different reasons. The test process separates between the two.

How accurate is a lie detector test?

We use the most accurate techniques approved for the use of evidentiary testing in single issue examinations which have an accuracy of 99% according to most recent studies by the American Polygraph Association. The technique also has a 3% inconclusive rate which is used a safe guard to ensure a correct decision. We also use computer scoring algorithms alongside our manual scoring for a system of mutual quality control. A review of polygraph accuracy literature can be viewed in the blog section of the website.

Can I have someone with me during the examination?

During the pre-test interview it is encouraged that you bring the other person involved in the situation in question such as a spouse or family member to get the full understanding of the situation or just for comfort. During the time that the lie detector test is conducted there can be no one in the room but the examiner and examinee.

Can I decide what questions will be asked?

The wording of the questions needs to be determined by the examiner in order to ensure that the test is effective. The examiner will work with you to ensure that you are satisfied and get the answer to the issue that you are seeking.

Can I force someone I know get a lie detector test?

No. We cannot test someone who is being forced to take the examination. They must submit to take the test of their own free will. You are able to ask that person if they will submit to a lie detector test to clear up the issue and restore trust. It is much better to look at the examination as an opportunity and not as a punishment. It may be best in some situations for both parties to take the same exam to create a sense of fairness.

Can someone beat the lie detector test?

It is possible but extremely unlikely. It would require a very sophisticated and trained individual. Some studies show that these attempts can often cause you to move your score closer to deception (DI) on the examination even if the examinee is truthful. Techniques to trick the lie detector test have been documented and we use equipment and processes to detect these efforts. There is a detailed article in our blog section about the studies that deal with this subject.

How much does a lie detector test cost?

Examinations start at $450.00 taxes included. This is for a single-issue examination for one examinee. If a written report is requested the price is $650.00. These prices are subject to change based on the type and complexity of the issue being tested for.

For two examinees to be tested on the same issue at the same appointment (such as infidelity) the price begins at $650.00 or $850.00 with a written report and taxes included. This is also subject to change based on the type and complexity of the issue being tested for.

It is possible to test for up to three issues during the same session. each addition test after the first is an additional $200.00 including gst. 

Multiple issue testing for screening purposes such as applicant screening starts at $500.00 for up to 4 issues and will increase if more issues are to be tested for.

If agreed upon as necessary, a drug test may be required to ensure there is no chemical interference with the examination.

A final quote will be provided during email correspondence.

How can I pay?

The $225.00 deposit can be paid by cash, e-transfer or online credit card payment.

The remainder can be paid in person just before the examination begins by cash, e-transfer, debit or credit card.

Can I get a lie detector test if I am Pregnant?


Can I get a lie detector test if I am on certain medication or have a certain health condition?

Email us with the details and we will make sure it is acceptable. We may require a physician’s approval. Normally most medications are not an issue.

Does a lie detector test hurt?

No. The blood pressure cuff can cause some discomfort however sufficient breaks between tests allow this to dissipate.

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