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By Appointment Only

I provide polygraph examinations or more commonly known as a Lie Detector Test. Based in Calgary, Alberta I provide Polygraph Services all across Canada. I am a certified Forensic Psychophysiologist from the European Polygraph Association. I use the latest equipment from the leading brand, Stoelting and the CPS Pro Fusion Software. My services will aid you in pursuit of the truth.



The Process

The lie detector test, or more accurately known as a polygraph examination, is a highly effective and accurate method for determining the veracity of an individual’s statements. Polygraph can be used for a multitude of issues in question ranging from personal matters, to legal proceedings or business matters. Polygraph has existed for a century and has stood the test of time in its utility and veracity. I offer polygraph examinations in a professional and confidential environment. The service helps those in pursuit of truth, relief, closure, and peace of mind.

The Lie Detector Test is Conducted in Four Parts:

Step 1


Through the application form below or by email you will need to answer suitability questions about your medical history and the general situation in question. Once received and reviewed you will receive a reply if your situation is suitable for a polygraph examination. This reply will include a consent and liability agreement for you to review before proceeding as well as the best possible wording of the examination questions for us to agree upon. Any further questions you may have can be answered at this point. A non refundable deposit of $250.00 is then required before booking a date for the examination. This is to ensure your attendance at the appointment as declarations to take an examination without follow through are exceedingly common. You will then be sent a confirmation and final instruction email to confirm your appointment and inform you on how to prepare.

Step 2

Pre-test interview

This is when we will sign the consent and liability agreement and discuss in detail the situation in question. The examination process is briefly explained and any final questions you have can be answered. The rest of the examination questions necessary for the polygraph examination to function will then be reviewed such as the personal and irrelevant questions to ensure your understanding and preparedness. Be prepared to answer several questions related to the issue or any similar events or admissions.

Step 3


You will then be attached to the polygraph instruments which will record your physiological responses. Only the questions we agreed upon will be asked. We will complete 2-5 sequences of the 10 question questionnaire for each single issue examination. The amount of sequences or charts depends on upon several different factors such as your ability to remain still and your physiology.

Step 4

Analysis and Results

I will then analyze your physiological responses on the polygraph chart and score the results. The polygraph examination will either indicate NDI meaning no deception indicated or truthful, DI meaning Deception indicated or not truthful or INC meaning inconclusive meaning no definitive opinion can be given. Inconclusive results can be retested one additional time at a later date at no cost as long as the inconclusive result is not because of the actions of the examinee. Additional tests after that will require a new fee. The results can take up to 48 hours to generate and will be emailed to you and any other concerned party with your consent.

Your results email will include:

  1. An explanation of what the relevant or target issue was.
  2. Any terms or definitions that were clarified.
  3. Pass or fail or no opinion (NDI or DI or INC).
  4. Manual and computer algorithm scores.

Polygraph Services

Commercial Testing

Private Testing

Infidelity Testing

Private Testing

If you have concerns or questions you want answered, a polygraph examination can aid you in pursuit of the truth.

Reasons for a Polygraph Examination in Personal Matters:

  • Infidelity and Cheating Concerns
  • Pre-marital and Ulterior Motives
  • Alcohol, Drug or Sexual Addiction Verification
  • Theft Allegations
  • Family Issues
  • Child Care/Nanny or Maid Verification
  • Statement Verification
  • Other Harmful Allegations

Commercial Testing

Your business needs protection, if you are looking for background/pre-employment screening, or to resolve issues such as theft, vandalism or HR issues. Polygraph examinations resolve these issues and deter further occurrence.

Reasons for a Polygraph Examination in Business Matters:

  • Investigations
  • Pre-employment or Periodic Screening of Employees
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Resume Validity
  • Theft
  • Sporting Events

About Anavaino

Our Mission

“Providing Truth, Relief, and Peace of Mind.”

Stay Informed


How long does a lie detector test take?

1-3 hours from your arrival depending upon the complexity of the issue being tested. Additional tests will increase the amount of time by 1/2 to 1 hour per additional test.

What is used to connect me to the lie detector machine?

Two Pneumographs (breathing belts) are attached, one to your abdomen and one to your chest. Three fingertip cuffs are attached, and a blood pressure cuff on your arm.

Can nervousness affect the examination?

Not normally no. Both an innocent and guilty person are nervous for a polygraph examination, however they are nervous for different reasons. The polygraph examination is designed to separate between the two. If you are concerned about nervousness affecting our examination you should ensure that you have mentioned anything potentially related to the issue in question and gotten it off your mind as well as clarified any of the terms used in the question wording. You want to be able to answer the questions confidently and with certainty before taking the examination.

How accurate is a lie detector test?

I use the most accurate techniques approved for the use of evidentiary testing in single issue examinations which studies by the American Polygraph Association in field and lab testing show it has an accuracy of 99%. The technique also has a 3% inconclusive rate which is used a safe guard to ensure a correct decision. Computer scoring algorithms alongside the manual scoring for a system of mutual quality control. A review of polygraph accuracy literature can be viewed in the blog section of the website.

Can I have someone with me during the examination?

During the pre-test interview you can if you wish you bring someone for comfort or the other person involved in the situation in question such as a spouse or family member to get the full understanding of the situation. During the time that the lie detector test is conducted there can be no one in the room but the examiner and examinee.

Can I decide what questions will be asked?

The exact wording of the questions needs to be determined by the polygraph examiner in order to ensure that the test is effective. I will work with you to ensure that you are satisfied and get the answer that you are seeking.

Can I force someone I know get a lie detector test?

No. Someone cannot be forced or coerced into taking a polygraph examination. They must submit to take the test of their own free will. You are able to ask that person if they will submit to a lie detector test to clear up the issue and restore trust. It is much better to look at the examination as an opportunity and not as a punishment. It may be best in some situations for both parties to take the same exam to create a sense of fairness.

Can someone beat the lie detector test?

It is possible but extremely unlikely. It would require a very sophisticated and trained individual. Some studies show that these attempts can often cause you to move your score closer to deception (DI) on the examination even if the examinee is truthful. Techniques to trick the lie detector test have been documented, equipment and processes are used to detect these efforts. There is a detailed article in our blog section about the studies that deal with this subject.

How much does a lie detector test cost?

Examinations start at $499.99 +gst. This is for a single-issue examination for one examinee. These prices are subject to change based on the type and complexity of the issue being tested for.

For two examinees to be tested on the same issue at the same appointment (such as infidelity) the price begins at $749.99 +gst. This is also subject to change based on the type and complexity of the issue being tested for.

It is possible to test for up to three issues during the same session. each addition test after the first is an additional $249.99 +gst.

Multiple issue testing for screening purposes such as applicant screening starts at $749.99 +gst for up to 4 issues and increases by $125 for each additional issue.

Can I get a lie detector test if I am Pregnant?


Can I get a lie detector test if I am on certain medication or have a certain health condition?

Normally most medications are not an issue. You must answer questions about your medical history to be considered for a polygraph examination. If your health condition is an issue then you will either be refused or warned to proceed at your own risk as it may affect the results.

Does a lie detector test hurt?

No. The blood pressure cuff can cause some discomfort however sufficient breaks between tests allow this to dissipate.

How can I pay?

The $250.00 deposit can be paid by e-transfer or online credit card payment.

The remainder can be paid in person just before the examination begins by cash, e-transfer, debit or credit card.



The cost for a single issue polygraph examination such as infidelity, statement verification, theft, or sexual contact with another individual etc. is $499.99 + gst as long as there are no other complicating factors such as a court application. Each examinee can do up to 3 examinations in one session. When completed during the same session 2 examinations is $749.99 + gst and 3 examinations is $999.99 + gst. 3 examinations per appointment per examinee is the maximum amount allowable.

Multiple issue testing for screening purposes such as employment applicant screening starts at $749.99 +gst for up to 4 issues and increases by $125.00 for each additional issue.


Examination Question Format

Single issue testing essentially means one question for one single issue examination. This form of testing ensures the highest quality of results.

Multiple issue testing has a lower accuracy so it will only used for employment screening applications.

A single issue examination requires 10 questions total in order to obtain results about the relevant or target issue question.

The relevant or target issue is the question of which we are determining whether the examinee is truthful when answering it.

3 of the test questions are about the relevant or target issue that we are obtaining results for. These are the same question just worded slightly differently.

Here is an example below:

Regarding the target issue of since the start of your marriage with (persons name) in (date of start of marriage) whether or not you have had sexual contact with anyone other than your current wife/husband, do you intend to answer truthfully to each question about that?

Since the start of your marriage, have you had sexual contact with anyone else?

Since the start of your marriage, have you had sexual contact in any way with anyone other than your current wife/husband?

These questions must all be about the same issue and subject matter.

I will work with you to ensure that you find the answer you are looking for and that the questions are worded as close to your request as polygraph allows, but the final say is up to me to ensure that the test functions properly.

Polygraph examinations cannot be used to test for feelings or intent for example “do you actually love me” or “do you find john more attractive than me” would not be suitable issues for a polygraph examination. Polygraph examinations are meant to test for the examinee’s truthfulness about their participation in an action such as lying, stealing, cheating, assaulting, having conversations with someone, going to a place etc.

The relevant issue questions must limit as much as possible any misinterpretation, confusion or rationalization about their meaning by the examinee. Please keep this in mind when making your question request.

The other 7 questions are either standardized by the technique or personalized to the examinee. These questions are chosen by the examiner and are discussed at the appointment. No results are attained from these questions they are only part of how the technique functions in order to calculate the results for the relevant or target issue questions.


Current Availability


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How to Request an Appointment

To request an appointment you must fill out the form below with your answers to the following questions.


  1. Is the person taking the examination currently taking any medications? If any list their brand name or medical name and their dosages.
  2. Has the person taking the examination ever been diagnosed with a mental health condition? If any list them and give a brief explanation.
  3. Does the person taking the examination have any health conditions? If any list them with a brief explanation.
  4. Does the person taking the examination have a history of seizures or fainting?
  5. Is the person taking the examination currently pregnant?
  6. What date and time would you like your examination to be scheduled? The quickest way to get in is to choose an opening shown in the availability section.
  7. What is the name, email, and contact phone number of any other involved party? Such as the person taking the examination or asking for that person to take the examination.
  8. What is the question or questions that you want to have tested for with the polygraph examination?. Please keep in mind what is stated in the “Pricing” and “Examination Question Format” sections.


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